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 In Deep with Angie Coiro, interview with Joel Simon
 The Committee To Protect Journalists.
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 Grooving in Chi, performed by Gordon Whiting
 (Terry Southern-Gordon Whiting) ©Basic Songs ASCAP


 The Odyssey, performed by The Best Friends
 (Christian Whiting) ©Basic Songs ASCAP

 Did You No Wrong, performed by The Death Army
 (Nightingale, Cook, Matlock, Jones, Lydon) ©Warner-Chappell Music


 We have been associated with the production of In Deep with Angie Coiro since it's inception in 2012. Hosted by award-winning Bay Area Journalist Angie Coiro, this weekly one-hour broadcast uncovers the cultural, political, and sociological issues that demand a deeper look. Below is the complete archive. Enjoy!  

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